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Barry: A Community Organizer… until the Community Does Not Bow Down

It’s quite obvious that Obama has a pattern of talking about hope and change, and caring less about it when it doesn’t boost him politically. As soon as Englewood stopped being significant to his electoral hopes, he turned his back on the neighborhood. That speaks to character more than competence.

HOPEYCHANGE!™! It’s not about faith, trust, or what I actually do, you silly clingers.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » A promise broken

MSM outfits wonder why they are bleeding viewers/readers and advertisers. They grouse about “basement dwelling, pajama-clad amateurs” while those folks are regularly cleaning their collective clocks when it come to presenting information that is intrinsic to an informed Republic.

Here’s a hint, you gimps: Stop picking sides or announce what side you’re on!

When the Jesse “cut out his nuts” story broke, I turned on the TV and cycled between CNN, FNC, and MSNBC. It took over two hours before the latter channel, featuring ‘tingle up my leg’ Tweetie and the raving idiot Olby, even mentioned it.

MSNBC is so far in the tank for Bambi that it’s almost a parody. ALL the networks accepted what the Magic Negro offered as “explanation” for his kids’ appearance on camera as some kind of ‘spur of the moment’ thing, which is goddamn ridiculous, considering what they all know is involved in setting something like that up.

We don’t accept anything ANY of you say anymore. You–all of you–have accepted, wholesale–the story of the Messiah based on the epistles he’s written. There are far too few of youse whose gone out looking for the real story.

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