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Archive for "Jul 10 2008"

Ode to Suds

“I’ll Take Door Number One, Mort!”

Hot Air » Kondracke: Phony or pragmatist?

To be fair, Obama is hardly the first politician to attempt to be all things to all people. However, he ran on the explicit promise that he was not that kind of politician, and that he despised that kind of politics. That was the trade-off, Obama claimed, for his lack of experience; he was therefore not infected with the dreaded Beltway Disease. Without that immunity, Obama becomes just another politician — and a greenhorn one at that, with no track record of success as a legislator and no experience as an executive or in the military.

Y’know, it galls me to say this, but Jesse Jackson had a point about Barry “talking down” to the black community, but he missed one salient thing: Barry talks down to everyone.

He believes everyone will buy the BHO BS.
Especially his lefty/nutroots base who, truth be told, have no where left to go.

The cases are too numerous for me to offer an all-encompassing list, but here’s a few times where he’s done it in just the past… what? a week? Two?

IRAQ: Originally, it was, “I’ll start pulling troops on Day One.” Now? Not so much.

HIS F.I.S.A. VOTE: Barry promised to filibuster against any telecom immunity being included in the bill before the Senate. Instead, he voted for the whole package, telecom immunity included.

SUPREME COURT: In two recent decisions, Barry has backed Nino Scalia’s opinions on gun rights and capital punishment. You still trust he’d make SCOTUS picks you could live with? Remember, if he gets elected, he’s gonna wanna get RE-elected.

PUBLIC FINANCING: He tossed that vow aside faster than Granny went under the bus.

And what is Barry explanation to his lefty/nutroots supporters who were up in arms about these changes in his stance on these topics? “You’re too stupid to comprehend the Messiah.”

Don’t even get me started on his, “I’m embarrassed you yokels don’t speak French, so you better make sure your rugrats learn Spanish.

Exit question: Why didn’t Barry tear Jesse apart, giving him his own, personal, “Sister Souljah” moment?

Possible answer: Jesse’s been around Chicago politics far longer than Barry. He knows things….

Those Iranian Missiles? Not So Fast, MSM [Updated]

lgf: Iran’s Photoshopped Missile Launch


You gotta go down in the article’s comments to get that factiod.

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