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Archive for "Jul 06 2008"

Down the Memory Hole

The Washington Post runs an article titled, Obama Addresses His Faith, and there is no mention at all of his pastor, and Obama-described “spiritual mentor,” of twenty-plus years while the Messiah was attending Trinity United Church of Christ.

You remember, the guy whose bombastic actions in the pulpit led to Barry giving The Speech, which was hailed as akin to Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg.

How do you run a story like this without ever mentioning Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and expect any reader possessing a pulse to not notice such an outrageous omission, or convince said readers that you are NOT totally in the tank for the Magic Negro, to the point you will try whitewashing Wright from what Barry calls his “faith”?

Fer chrissakes, Barry lifted the title for one of his books from one of Wright’s sermons… how can you just ignore his existence?

A Master at Work

A Message to American Voters
By Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)

My Fellow Americans:

You may have read recent news reports that suggest I have modified my position regarding the redeployment of American military personnel in Iraq. Unfortunately, these reports have been the source of much confusion and anxiety among the millions of voters who have supported my campaign, and I would like to take this opportunity to address their concerns.

Let me be crystal clear: if elected president, my first act will be to call for the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq. I have always been consistent and forthright in this position, and I want to reassure my supporters that my recent statement backtracking from it was just some bullshit my staff came up with to tack to the center for the general election. To win this election, it will be critical to appeal to the dwindling but stubborn group of idiots who cling to fantasies of American “victory” in this tragic disaster. It’s an unfortunate part of the complicated game of presidential politics, but let’s face it: I can’t stop this war if I’m not in the White House. However, you should know by now that whatever I may say from now until November, once elected I will immediately pull the rug from these gullible pro-war rubes.

Or will I? As is obvious to all but the most deluded HuffPo retard, the surge in Iraq has produced dramatic improvements in security throughout Iraq, and the roots of a stable pro-American democracy. We have the terrorists on the run, and it would obviously be crazy for us to pull our troops from the region just as we are on the verge of victory. And it is equally obvious that everything I said in the previous paragraph was designed to placate the naive hipster moonbats I brilliantly exploited to destroy the Clintons. (You’re welcome.)

iowahawk: A Clarification

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