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Obamabots, Again

Once Upon a Time…: It’s the 1930s, and You Are There

I want to mention the following, only because I am still so gobsmacked by it. A little while ago, in a fleeting moment of distraction, I turned my radio to the Stephanie Miller show. No more links for her; I gave her a link some months ago in connection with her grotesquely awful comments about the tasering of Andrew Meyer (she was Commentary Four). Miller is on vacation this week, so a couple of guest hosts are filling in.

The subject was Obama, and the comments in general were fairly horrifying, but in the way that has been typical for several months now. “Oh, his message is so wonderful!” What’s that message? “Hope! Change!” And what’s the nature of that hope and change?

So much for specifics.

Then another caller came on the line. She began by announcing that, of course, in general she doesn’t believe any of that nonsense about God controlling our national destiny, and she certainly doesn’t believe that God chose that awful George Bush to be our president.

BUT, she burbled on, she absolutely believes that Barack Obama has been ordained by God to lead the United States of America. AND, she further oozed, look at the physical effect he has on people! This, she portentously announced, IS. NOT. A. COINCIDENCE.


TC: I learned to call this crap Mussolini. But then, I went to school when nun’s wielding rulers ruled the roost, an we never trusted ANYONE attached to the government that we didn’t have their home phone number….

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