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Archive for "Jun 27 2008"

Some Frog: “The Irish voted ‘No!’ because of those filthy, dirty American Jooos!”

You can’t make this crap up:

France’s Europe minister, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, has said that Europe has enemies in Washington, suggesting that neo-conservatives played a significant role in the Irish rejection of the Lisbon treaty earlier this month.

French daily Le Monde reports Mr Jouyet as saying that “Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means. The role of American neo-conservatives was very important in the victory of the No.”

Okay, JP, you keep telling yourself that the reason the Irish told Brussels to “bugger off!” was the fault of evil Yankee Jews, and ridiculously dumb shit like this has absolutely nothing to do with them being averse to handing their government over to you EU twirps.

Really… you wanna regulate the size of kiwis? And what constitutes an acceptable banana? And I’m supposed to believe you maroons are to be taken as a serious economic threat? Hell, your entire IT economy seems to be based on suing Microsoft and Apple because your homegrown stuff sucks!

Face it, Frenchy, every time actual citizens have been presented with deciding on adopting an EU Constitution, that gives unelected Brussels-based technocrats overarching control, they have rejected it.

You fancy that you’re trying to build something akin to “The United States of Europe,” and the proles ‘just don’t understand.” But you idiots don’t actually understand what the hell we got going over here on our side of the pond.

See, it’s like this: when everything is said and done, there’s this thing we Yanks call “The Constitution,” that lays out what the Feds can do, and what they can’t. It’s a fairly simple document; concise enough to fit in a person’s pocket, and straightforward in its first Ten Amendments (though there are neverending arguments surrounding some–right now, Number Two) that define what belongs to The People.

You jerkoffs spent all your energy writing up gobs and gobs of regulations, restrictions, rules, and ridiculous innuendo, to the point that no one really knows what the hell that “Lisbon Treaty” (or its previous incarnation) actually even says.

But a simple skim of the thing tells any average punter; whether Irish, Spanish, or Dane, that they’re gonna have to answer to Brussels on shit NO government has any business fiddling with.

Seriously, JP, us Amerricuns couldn’t give a shit what you marroons do….

We’ve kinda/sorta already wrote you asshats off as a lost cause.

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