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Archive for "Jun 25 2008"

“No Mocking The Messiah!”

JammieWearingFool points out some resident dipshit at Zsa Zsa’s House taking Jon Stewart to task for poking the Magic Negro:

Proving conclusively how angry moonbats are incapable of understanding or appreciating humor, Huffington Post idiot Joseph Palermo goes on an insane rant against Daily Show host Jon Stewart, hardly a tool of the GOP, for having the audacity to make some jokes about Barack Obama.

Giving credit where it’s due, some of the commenters at Arianna’s fever swamp are ripping the idiot, but a goodly number of them are similarly incensed at a comedy show goofing on a politician.

The loons that are upset with Stewart for having some fun at the ObamaMessiah’s expense make Cupertino fanboys who bathe in the Reality Distortion Field while praying to the Great God Jobs look like friggin’ atheists (and of this, I know).

As JWF notes in his close, “They must really be worried if they’re already going after people who are on their side.”

I’d like to add this: “Can you even imagine how fucking insane it’s gonna be by the time we reach September? If Barry delivers a killer speech at the Dem convention, these acolytes will be burning unbelievers in the streets!”

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Just Two Some Good Ole Boys Chollos

… nunca querer hacer daño…*

US officials on Tuesday cracked-down on the violent MS-13 gang, arresting 26 people for a range of crimes committed in three US states and the Central American nation of El Salvador.

“Early this morning, federal, state, and local law enforcement officials here in North Carolina began executing arrest warrants against 26 alleged members of the gang La Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13,” US Attorney General Michael Mukasey said.

US police bust notorious Latino gang

(*– TC’s best stab at translating Waylon’s words)

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Shakespeare Was Right

“First… kill all the lawyers.”

From the People’s Republic of Red Sox Nation’s Statehouse:

Debate Over Jessica’s Law Reveals Lack of Morality

While it is true that it is a defense attorney’s obligation to defend his or her client to the best of his of her ability, that is true in all cases. Mr. Fagan would have you believe that he would be harsher in his cross examination of the victim if his client is facing 20 years then if he was only facing 5 years. His illogical, and downright offense argument is that by mandating a sentence of 20 years, the State legislature will be victimizing the child by forcing him and his peers to traumatize the little girl on the witness stand. In essence, he argues that the only way to prevent him from “ruining” her life, is by offering leniency to the child rapist in the hopes he does not attack another young girl.

Remember, some group actually voted for this prick, to allow him to say that crazy shit in Massachusetts’ statehouse pit. Sure, defense lawyers are honor-bound to defend their client, but this guy lays it flat out: “I will DESTROY ANY KID messing with my client… as I expect will my brethren. And tough tits if you don’t like it, because YOU MADE ME DO IT.”

Rope. Tree. Assembly required.

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