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Archive for "Jun 21 2008"

Piss Them Off Further and You’ll Rue It, EU

Treaty Rejection Fallout: Ireland Defiant in Face of EU Pressure

These EUweenies giving Ireland’s citizenry crap for voting down Brussels are gutless. Most of the countries that have “approved” this Treaty would never allow the question to be put to their citizens, because so far every time actual voters were asked the question, the question got shot right out of the sky. Eire built into their Constitution that such an end around could not be done; any re-alignment of the country’s political/governmental structure must, by law, be granted allowance by public accord. And the Irish Republic told Brussels to stuff it.

Europe is unhappy with Ireland. But many Irish aren’t fond of the comments coming their direction. Indeed, arrogance from many EU capitals have made many “yes” voters rue their decision.

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3 AM. Sounds Heard. Mossberg Deployed… [UPDATE]

and TC ends up dead (with one co-corpse), or in jail if this happened at my house. I wouldn’t wait one goddamn second, or care what any unfamiliar voices said from the shadows in the middle of the night within the walls of my abode about they being cops. I’d go all Fourth and Second Amendment on their ass before even thinking about believing anything any intruders said.

Of course, BootzDog would go batshit before they ever got near the door (The Beasties would not have made a sound, just attacked once the interlopers crossed the fenced property line), but still… the idea that these coppers felt they were allowed to do this is frightening:

A Lakeville man says he feels violated after two police officers woke him up at 3 a.m. to tell him his door was unlocked.

Their surprise visit was part of a public service campaign to remind residents to secure their homes to prevent thefts. Usually, officers just leave notices on doors.

But they went further in Troy Molde’s case on Thursday. Police entered the house where four children under 7 were having a sleepover, and then went upstairs to Molde’s bedroom.

So, warrantless, without anything that would seem to fall under the idea of “probable cause” (other than the door being unlocked), they did not just enter the domicile, but conducted a search? Am I supposed to believe they did this with their sidearms holstered?

Dude,? you can’t sell me that bridge. And how the hell do they “usually… just leave notices” without first–again, warrantless–approach the domicile and test the door to see if the thing is locked?

Bruce asks the obvious question:

Of course, had Mr. Molde chosen to protect himself and the children in his care by shooting and killing these intruders who came into his home, unannounced, in the middle of the night, do you think this same spokesman would be calling his actions “justified”?

Yeah, me neither.

UPDATE: I don’t CARE about no stinking badges… show me writs.

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