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Post Russert, Will There Be Any Adults Running NBC News?

Tim RussertImage via WikipediaI always liked Tim Russert. Didn’t alway agree with him; anybody who worked for Mario (de facsime!) was immediately dodgey, in my eyes. But Danny Pat liked the guy, and for me, that meant something. On Meet The Press he was, bar none, the best interrogator America’s political media has ever offered.

The Irish-Catholic/’got my ass kicked by Jesuits’ blue collar stuff was just gravy on the mashed potatoes. I sorta feel like that idiot Norwood who kicked for the Bills needs a bigger beating right now, for robbing Russert of seeing his cherished Bills win a Super Bowl… I offer what ever my consolence is worth to his son and wife, and of course, to Big Russ. Fathers ain’t supposed to bury sons.

Okay, I drank my draught and said me prayers; wake’s over.

With Russert’s unexpected passing, I have a feeling that NBC–especially among its loon brigade over on “cable” outlet MSNBC ( or as l refer to it, “The Scumbag Circus”)–is about to go batshit crazy.

NBC insiders seen as possible successors to Russert – Los Angeles Times

Speculation on possible successors centers on three on-air personalities already under contract to NBC: David Gregory, the former White House correspondent recently given his own MSNBC show, “Race for the White House”; Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s long-running “Hardball”; and Joe Scarborough, the former congressman and host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, according to talent representatives who declined to speak on the record for fear of jeopardizing relationships with network management.

Sorry, but any of these three would be a monumental screw-up. Watching from my Barcalounger, you either bring back Brokaw, or hand it to Brian Williams. Any of these three picks will make a complete shit of it.

And then there’s Olby:

Brokaw says he sometimes feels that he has been cast in the role of hall monitor at NBC News; if so, his charges have kept him busy. The day after the New Hampshire primary, Matthews asserted that Hillary Clinton owed her election as senator to public sympathy for her in light of her husband’s sexual peccadilloes. “It was completely out of line,” Brokaw says. “And Keith took it to another level” with his “shut the hell up” commentary.

In March, after Geraldine Ferraro said that Obama would not be where he is if he were not a black man, Olbermann issued a Special Comment that was aimed expressly at Clinton’s advisers (and their countenancing of Ferraro’s “cheap, ignorant, vile racism”) but that struck Clinton nonetheless. “Voluntarily or inadvertently,” Olbermann said, addressing Clinton directly, “you are still awash in this filth.”

As noted on Talk Left, Olby has been burning bridges among the left-leaning political junkies, opening an oozing sore that no verbal nicety has a chance to close. The Kos Kids want Olby to take over MTP, and become their media leader; lots of Dems, and old school newspeople, find that idea abhorrent.

Time will tell. I know that, personally, I turned off MSNBC during this neverending eulogy the minute that douchebag’s face showed up on the screen. I believe Big Russ did the same thing.

Olby? The fact is you couldn’t carry Russert’s jock. You’re a hopeless hack bastard, which makes your existence in the Kos kooler all the more obvious….

What, even Zsa Zsa wouldn’t put up with your inane, sophomoric bullshit?

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