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Archive for "Jun 13 2008"

Hello, Hello, Helllooo… HELLO!

Please run the old Tom “Three Packs a Day” Carvel commercials….
WPIX offers a special salute on its 60th anniversary

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Why is This About “The Right” Being Peeved?

It all started with Burning Man. In 1998, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin took time off from coding search algorithms to jump in a car, drive to Nevada, and bake in the desert with circus performers and ecstasy-addled freaks. On a lark, the two men tweaked Google’s logo to tip off hipsters that they were out of the office, planting a Burning Man image inside one of Google’s letters. “They wanted to communicate with the users, in a fun, lighthearted way, that they were going to be away,” says Dennis Hwang, Google’s Web-master manager. “Anyone in the know would know where they were.”

That kicked off a tradition almost unique in the history of corporate branding. While it’s usually gospel truth never to mess with the logo, Page, Brin, and Hwang tweak the Google home page several times a year on a lark, partly to advance their company’s distinctiveness, and partly because they just feel like it. They’ve posted Google “doodles” to commemorate the invention of the laser, the launch of Sputnik, the World Cup, and Piet Mondrian’s birthday. The spirit of their doodles, they thought, was pretty clear: Science is cool, art is cool, let’s have a little fun.

But in the last few years, as Google has grown to dominate the world of Internet search, some people have detected a more sinister motive behind its choice of days to commemorate. From the National Review to NewsBusters and InstaPundit, some of the country’s most prominent conservative opinion journals and news sites have published stories and blog posts denouncing Google for subtly pushing a liberal worldview in its doodles while steadfastly refusing to commemorate patriotic or religious holidays.

Does Google hate America? – By Chris Thompson – Slate Magazine

Dude? In 1998 Google was, at best, a campus fad shared amongst the CompSci nerds rambling about on Stanford’s campus….

Mr. Thompson takes task to the NRO crew for calling Hwang out about his choices when it comes to “doodles,” because… well, I really don’t know. Maybe he needed to fill some column inches/word count to justify his paycheck for this week and latched onto a topic so horrendously old and busted to be not worthy of Ric Romero. Maybe he’s just a dumbassed douchebag, and picked the cheesiest way to attempt to paint a ‘much ado about nothing’ pastiche about high strung Republicans. Whatever the reason, as PuppyBlender opines, the fact that the Google guys are now oblivious to their stated original intent, exemplified in their choice of what deserves to be ‘doodled,’ is not unexpected:

Google’s problem is that it’s not living up to its own “Don’t be evil” hype. Instead it’s acting like any other big-bucks transnational corporation; honoring U.S. patriotic holidays might be bad for its business, so it doesn’t.

Think about this: Hwang’s bosses most likely would never have had the chance to buy that plane if not for the fact they were in the USA when they wrote those codes. To ignore–like some in the NRO crew believes, purposefully–an American anniversary such as Memorial Day or D-Day; instead paying tribute to some artist that the vast majority of their users are likely to be oblivious about, smacks of an astounding level of hubris.

Has Google ever offered a ‘doodle’ honoring Norman Rockwell’s birthday? I know for sure both of those insanely rich founding idiots would recognize his work faster than the guy their company honored last week.

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Irish to Brussels: NOT YOURS!

Once again, the Micks make the save: Ireland rejects Lisbon Treaty

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