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Archive for "Jun 12 2008"

Faux Photo in the Washington Post

I’m better with Photoshop than this mess: Two People; Two planes

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No (More) Prisoners!

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Breaking: Supreme Court says Gitmo detainees must have access to US courts Update: Scalia: “The Nation will live to regret what the Court has done today.”

It seems absurd to apply criminal law to unlawful combatants captured during hostilities abroad. Will they require a Miranda reading, too? Do we have to bring the soldiers and Marines who captured them to the trial? In our 232-year history, when have we ever allowed that kind of access to enemy combatants not captured inside the US itself?

Just shoot ’em after getting whatever you can get out of them, or hand them over to the Saudis or Kurds for more… intimate interrogation.

Seriously, what’s the point of taking prisoners in Iraq or Afghanistan if you’re gonna end up having to deal with getting deposed by Ramsey Clark?

A Gobsmackingly Vile Lie

In a post titled Malkin Defends Fox, St. Andrew of the Blistering Heartache states a straight up pile of steaming bullshit as truth:

A woman who has complained bitterly – and understandably – about racial stereotypes defends Fox News’ use of the term “Baby-Mama” to describe Michelle Obama.

She did no such thing, Sully. If you actually watched the segment in question, you’d have noticed the term “Baby Mama” never came up in the conversation, so how could she have possibly “defended” it, unless gremlins placed the idea she said it in your cerebral cortex, because of the graphic being shown on the screen?

According to that whacked out logic, if you’re bloviating on C-SPAN, or some Sunday morning show, and the control room flashes, “Closeted Heterosexual,” does that visual combination make that an indisputable truth?

Do you realize what a jackass you have become? They chased you out of Blighty and now you’re stuck in Providence, chasing bears.

Indeed, Malkin (for whom I am no great, drooling, knee-jerk lapdog, and actually have crossed swords with, and for whom I hold a certain degree of disdain) says she didn’t even know the chyron was running on the bottom of the screen during her appearance.

Facts, oh Excitable One; they are terribly important to have available when you are gonna beat someone over the head for what you believe is an indictable offense… especially when there is video readily available that can show you’re talking out your ass.

But I guess this is the way it’s gonna be for the coming months; say ANYTHING even remotely critical of the ObamaMessiah and you’re sure to get tarred with the “racist” tag. All Malkin did was state the obvious: Mrs. Messiah put herself in the public square, so she can’t be held immune to scrutiny… oh, and that “Whitey” video rumor came from Hillary’s camp, not the GOP.

Those idiots would be too gutless to run it even if they had it, for fear of the crap Obamabots like you would rain down on their heads.

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