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Archive for "Jun 10 2008"

I’ll Look at You in September When My Current Contract Runs Out, Second Steve*

Sorry, Steve. AT&T is still a deal killer at these specs (and may I say, you looked like hell, so please, take care of your health; we can’t afford losing a dude like you).
Will Masses Embrace Apple’s $199 Handset? –

Despite the price cut, users of the new iPhone 3G will have to spend more on their monthly service fees, at least in the U.S., than before. AT&T will charge users of the new device $30 a month for an unlimited data plan, instead of the previous monthly fee of $20, while the starting price for its iPhone voice plan will remain unchanged at $39.99. The increase will help AT&T more quickly recoup the subsidy for the iPhone.

As an old school fanboy I mightily lust for this thing, but my brain, sorry to say, hasn’t been overwhelmed by the Reality Distortion Field. I will NOT sign onto that AT&T contract unless I’m holding something that can preclude me toting my laptop, period.

I don’t give a damn about music and movies. I want voice and data–that means MY FILES, not Top 40 pablum–before I’d ever sign that albatross contract.

Verizon is sometimes a pain in my ass, but I can do what I need to do with this RAZR right out of the box.

You couldn’t even upgrade the friggin’ camera?


(*=the “real” Steve is the Great God Woz)

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Jackie Wilson Said

In his prime, Jackie Wilson was that kind of performer: he could stop a show at the drop of a hat–sometimes without even trying…

Power Line: Whispers getting louder

“Lonely Teardrops” clip at the link.

Though I’m a fan of Van “Mumbles” Morrison, I’m turning to Dexy’s:

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