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Archive for "Jun 07 2008"

The Coming General Campaign [Updated]

The ground has already been prepped. Say anything against the ObamaMessiah, and expect to be treated like this, or along these lines.

And if he wins, well, you might as well get ready for worse (and stock up on shells), because ideological opposition will be written into law as sedition, and the “Fairness Doctrine” will only be the beginning of it. With a majority in the Congress the Dems will shove everything they ever dreamed about (like that lunacy they called the “Global Warming Bill”) right down the electorate’s throat, come hell, high water, or what it will do to the American economy.

They want an already proven failed Euro version of Socialist Democrat bureaucracy… without any worry about how they will kill the American economy.

UPDATE: America agrees: the Media is in the tank for Bambi.

C-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y, yikes!

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