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Archive for "Jun 06 2008"

Latest “Barry/Messiah” Blathering

Good friggin’ grief: Is Obama an enlightened being?

This ‘cult of personality’ crap is out of control. The MSM are so far in the tank that it would take a smoking gun the size of a tank before they’d perform any real scrutiny about just who this guy is, what made him that way, and how did he manage to reach the national stage so quickly without anyone knowing just who the hell he really is beyond a guy who can deliver a good speech.

Rezko gets busted bigtime, and Barry gets away with “that’s not the Tony I knew,” the same unbelievably hackneyed crap he’s pulled out every single time someone who helped him climb the Chicago Dem machine’s ladder is shown to be among the dregs of society. Barry says, “I didn’t know; these are all just disctractions” and all these reporters and analysts just fall into line and accept it without question as The Truth!

And the Obamabots really don’t care who they are swooning over, because they are drunk on the “HopeyChange!” joy juice.

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