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Rezko (Barry’s Real Estate Agent) convicted of corruption

MORE: Cap’n Ed:

Obama’s association with Rezko coincides with Rezko’s corruption. Obama wants us to ignore the obvious and go away with the impression that Rezko somehow changed after their association ended, but that’s simply not the truth. Either Obama turned a blind eye to Rezko’s corrupt behavior or he didn’t have the judgment to see it.

It doesn’t work like that when a politician wants to sell his superior judgment as a key reason to elect him. So far, Obama wants us to trust his judgment despite the fact that he supposedly was ignorant of his preacher’s hate-filled sermons, directed taxpayer money to a Catholic priest who thinks America is the “greatest sin against God”, thinks William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and their “overthrow capitalism” rhetoric is “mainstream”, and now is shocked, shocked! to find out that his fundraiser and real-estate partner was a corrupt fraud.

It’s becoming all too obvious that no one–absofuckinglutely no one–in the MSM gives a damn about how Barry has spent his entire political life associated with some of the sleaziest pieces of shit Chicago has ever produced.

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