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Archive for "Jun 03 2008"

TC’s Tuesday gets turned upside down

… so I come back from walking the mutt and notice the answering machine is blinking at me. I press the button and hear a voice I have not heard in, oh, something around two years, three months, and eighteen days… give or take a week. I’m not really sure anymore when it was, exactly, that Gumby fell off the grid without so much as an “I’m checking out for awhile” going away message. It was like he just went “Poof!” and disappeared from the universe.

Anyway, there he was–well, his voice was, re-appearing and giving me operating instructions: “Go buy the Daily News and turn to page thirteen, or read the lead editorial. I think you will find interest in it.”

And then he hung up.

So I went to the Daily News’s website… and–out loud–said “My oh my.”

Y’know that whole “a dish best served cold” stuff? Is it applicable when someone who ripped your heart out over a dozen years ago turns out to have devolved into a pedophilic, cyber stalkin’ lunatic?

Is my proper response mirthful glee, grim satisfaction, grave dancing with nice bottle of chablis? What are my working protocols here?

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