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Archive for "May 28 2008"

Pens Coach Riding the Whaa!mbulance

What a whiny little douchenozzle:
Therrien’s morning skate presser transcript – Red Wings Snapshots –

It’s really tough to create offense against a team like that, because like I said before, the obstruction is there. They’re a puck possession team. And we’re a puck possession team. That’s the first time this year we’re having such a hard time to get to the puck. There’s a lot of obstruction.

And hopefully we’re going to get some calls starting tonight, and that will give us a chance to, first of all, put the power play on the ice. Because like this morning, we like to have our meeting with the power play, and it was not too long, two minutes.

So we didn’t get a chance to send the power play there. And when the referees call the obstruction. But after a few penalties, usually players adjust and give you a chance to get to the puck. And right now we’re having a hard time to get to that puck.
So it’s tough for us to manage the puck like we’re used to.

He’s literally begging the refs to call penalties because his crew can’t handle the Red Wings (WTF is this “obstruction” shit?) without the zebras helping them out! He’s acting like his team should ALWAYS be on the power play, and ignores the fact that they’ve failed miserably in two games now to put a puck in the net even when the DID have their power play on the ice.

Sweep this crybaby bastard into unemployment, Detroit!


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