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Archive for "May 25 2008"

Power Mad Principal Proves He’s a POS

No graduation ceremony for student who rode horse to school

Caleb Anderson rode the horse to school on his last day of classes. The trip took him almost four hours, arriving at Dickson County High at 7:40am after leaving home at 4am. According to Caleb’s grandmother Sandra Anderson, Caleb didn’t think it would be as big of a problem as the principal made it out to be. Besides, he was doing his part as a new high school graduate to go green and save a little gas.

But once Caleb arrived at school, Dickson County High Principal Ed Littleton told Caleb to get the horse off the school property. Police arrived shortly after Caleb put the horse in a friend’s pasture near the school. As punishment, Caleb was told he will not be allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony Friday.

Jeezus, he did it once, on the last day of classes, and removed the horse from the school’s property when directed to do so, and that prick of a principal still dropped that kind of hammer on the kid? Why? What possible written rule had been broken by the student choosing this particular method of transportation? Did a horse bite or kick this prick principal when he was a child? And what the hell is up with finding it necessary to call the cops over the kid’s method of transportation? It’s not like (it seems) the kid did it to somehow show this douchebag up.

I have a sneaking suspicion this kind of crap will become more the norm if the US becomes “ObamaLand.” Anything remotely resembling dissent will be crushed under the wheels of “HopeyChange!” regulators.

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