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He seems to believe solely in his own council and I just don’t find him to be that smart, or insightful. I suspect he’d be a better military line officer, than president, or even general, or admiral. And he might not even have made a truly exceptional military man for all we know. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. The last politician I felt this way about was Bill Clinton. And what a fiasco he turned out to be.

Riehl World View: McCain

Good God, I Hate this GUY

Can the Fingerboard Follies be more in the tank?
Power, perks and potential for tragedy –

The demands on his time when he was “in the district,” he said, seemed endless.

“People want to see you,” he said. “They want to shake your hand, tell you their problems.”

Isn’t that the single basis of your job as a “public servant,” numbnuts? You are supposed to answer to the people in you district; not get a stiffie because some DC shits offered you a pimp ride.

You considered that a nuisance, talking to the people who put you there?

During weekends home, he would sometimes makes 30 stops attending events and visiting constituents, a schedule that was particularly grueling when the district included Manhattan.

That meant Molinari was frequently away from his wife, Marguerite, and daughter, Susan, who later succeeded him in Congress. Some of that homesickness was softened, he said, when his daughter came to live with him in Washington.

She moved to DC… as a career move. Do I need to draw the chart? She didn’t “move,” as much as you brought her into the fold, so as to keep the CD-13 seat while you went after the BP seat (and then engineered Cerullo; which led to Fossella; which led to Fiala getting elected to the NYC City Council)….

And Suzie stayed down in DC’s neighborhood. Anyone interested in paying attention noticed she stays down in the DC suburbs and makes boo-koo bucks acting like a run of the mill, useless jackass talking head, while piling up the lobbyist dough, instead of returning to her supposed home community and proving public service; as opposed to personal pocketbook politics, was what she was all about.

Then, I’ve seen her screaming drunk at the Roadhouse, so I ain’t surprised.

It’s a wonder you dipshits held on for so long.

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