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Archive for "May 22 2008"

It’s Over for the GOP in CD-13

There seems to be no end to the aftershocks following Representative Vito J. Fossella’s decision not to run for reelection this year. The latest comes from Daniel M. Donovan Jr., the Staten Island district attorney, who announced today that he would not be a candidate for the congressional seat.

Mr. Donovan’s decision is a blow for the Republican leaders on Staten Island, who had considered him to offer their party’s best shot at retaining the seat they have held for 28 years.

A Top Republican Takes a Pass on Fossellas Seat – New York Times Blog

It’s no surprise to me that Donovan wanted nothing to do with this fiasco.

The decision by Mr. Donovan not to run was a stunning one to many Republican leaders on Staten Island. “It’s disappointing to me that Dan Donovan is not running,” said Guy V. Molinari, the former Staten Island borough president and unofficial dean of Republicans in that borough.

What’s this “disappointing” crap, Guy? Danny knew it would be an uphill battle no matter what; he’d need the Republican and Conservative lines to have a credible shot. The head of Staten Island’s Conservative Party? Your paisan (and current SI Borough President), Jimmy Molinaro… who it just so happens hates Danny Donovan’s guts with the heat of one hundred suns. He’d rather die than allow Donovan the Conservative Party’s endorsement, and there is nothing you, nor any of your GOP crew could do to stop Jimmy–whose voter’s registration has a big, fat “C,” not “R,” following his name–from blocking it from even being put to a vote.

Right now, the only question is “Can you mooks offer Lanza a bigger bribe than Joe Bruno can for Lanza to give up his state Senate seat?”

I don’t think so, but I do know you can’t even approach the kind of grief Bruno can give Lanza if he screws with Bruno’s tenuous grip on the Albany senate majority by quitting to make this Congressional run.

Still, a new Republican hopeful emerged: Stephen J. Fiala, the county clerk and commissioner for jurors for Staten Island and a former city councilman. Republican officials said Mr. Fiala, who served in the Council from 1997 to 2001, was actively courting party leaders to get their blessing.

Fiala? Hell, even that idiot from Brooklyn, Harrison, would mop the floor with that little pipsqueak!

Face it: show’s over.

No Good Dumb Deed Will Go Unpunished

First In Nation ‘Pollution Fee’ Coming To SF

The modest fee — 4.4 cents per ton of carbon dioxide — probably won’t be enough to force companies to reduce their emissions, but backers say it sets an important precedent in combating climate change and could serve as a model for regional air districts nationwide….

“It doesn’t solve global warming, but it gets us thinking in the right terms,” said Daniel Kammen, a renewable energy expert at the University of California, Berkeley. “It’s not enough of a cost to change behavior, but it tells us where things are headed. You have to think not just in financial terms, but in carbon terms.”

I love “…get us thinking in the right terms.” See, it’s not about fleecing businesses, it’s about establishing the wanted narrative!

Remember that bromide about ‘the road to hell’?

More than 2,500 businesses will be required to pay the proposed fees. About seven power plants and oil refineries will have to pay more than $50,000 a year, but the majority of businesses will pay less than $1, according to district estimates.

As soon as this is implemented, San Franciscans can expect to see their gas, heating oil and electric bills all jump appreciably skyward. It will drive those companies that will be paying less than a buck under this ludicrous scam out of town, because their overhead costs will suffer, and except in a limited number of cases, most businesses can easily re-locate to better (tax wise) environs.

But the best part of this scheme is this:

“The fee will not be imposed on vehicles, district spokeswoman Lisa Fasano said.”

Ms. Fasano obviously misspoke; she meant to say “The fee will not be imposed on vehicles… yet.”

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From the “Hollywood is Out of Ideas” File

They’re so environmentally minded they are willing to recycle anything: Highlander remake.

The original movie–while sometimes cheesy–was a self-contained story, which of course led to TWO craptacular sequels and a decent television series.

But they damn well better not screw with the soundtrack:

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