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Archive for "May 21 2008"

My Brain is Misfiring

For no reason I can fathom, this song was rattling when I woke up this morning.

I’m telling you, going to bed enraged at the Yankees does seriously bad things to your overall mental capacity.

You know what I need? An Aussie chick who gets it.

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There’s a Dog in there… somewhere

No Looking Backwards: Happy Birthday, Buddy

the poochie trifecta is now complete.

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Woof, Buttmunch

The Buffalo News: Latest Local News: Pit bull saves owner from Samurai-sword-wielding boyfriend

A domestic dispute that included the use of a Samurai sword and a pit bull led a Jamestown man to jump out a second-floor window Monday night, before he was apprehended hiding between some mattresses on a nearby porch, Jamestown police said.

You would think bringing a sword to a dog fight would be a winning gambit…

Maybe you’d think that… if you never owned a hard core dog. Hard Core Dog proved SwordBoy wasn’t paying attention to the blatant threat.

Never, ever, evah mess with a mutt’s Mom.

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