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Archive for "May 20 2008"

The Pure; The Righteous; The nutRoots

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Barry & K Street Kids: “Ignore that bunch behind my wife’s skirts”

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Capt. Obvious Reports: Vito Properly Reads the Tea Leaves

Won’t run for re-election

More later; need coffee….


First: Somebody needs to kick the crap out of bitchslap Curtis Sliwa. He’s on WABC right now, saying that if Staten Island DA Dan Donovan runs for Vito’s seat, he’s a lock to win it.
Using Curtis’s own catchphrase (mostly retired as he no longer has Warner Wolf to banter about sports with): You could not be so hopelessly wrong.

Now then…

I guess what I said back here happened, and Vito was convinced to not resign, thus preventing a snap election to be called to fill the empty seat. From an entirely parochial standpoint, having a snap election would have done no one, whether Republican or Democrat, anything remotely resembling an ideal situation. For Republicans, it would have been one huge pain in the ass; for Democrats, it would have started an intra-district war, since no SI Dem Party politician was dumb enough to run against Vito before this crap hit the fan.

Now, with Vito’s decision to ride out his term and retire, he allows both parties to get their acts together. It’s like the current Presidential election; there is no incumbent a challenger is forced to run against, so the field is wide open.

Which means the two current Democrat candidates from Brooklyn (Recchia; Harrison) can just kiss their chances of winning the 13th CD seat goodbye (Recchia’s rumored to have already given up).

Mike McMahon is gonna run, and Mike McMahon is gonna win.

If he and his team don’t realize this, they are World Class Idiots. He has Island-wide name recognition, and he is well considered across the board as a stand-up guy. Most importantly: he ain’t from the wrong side of the Gangplank.

As far as Sliwa’s notion of Donovan being an almighty lock if he decides to throw his hat into the ring… well, that’s just par for the asinine course Curtis usually follows.

Donovan–and the entire SI Republican Party heirarchy–are just as stained as Fossella in this fiasco. If Danny didn’t know about this, doesn’t that mean he’s an idiot? Or that he turned a blind eye?

Even though Staten island is considered “the Republican borough,” the fact is that a boatload of the votes Vito (and other Repubs) receive are from “Reagan Democrats.”

Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters on Staten Island by an appreciable margin. The idea that Vito fathered a bastard child three years ago, and ALL these SI-GOP jackasses either didn’t know or didn’t care, condemns whatever candidate they put up in November.

The only reason Donovan’s name even comes up is because he’s NOT consider part of Vito’s “Farrell/Fordham/Fossella” team.

That ain’t a selling point.

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