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Archive for "May 17 2008"

The Making of the ObamaMessiah

I think this headline is gonna be the start of a series

More fawning adulation: Obama’s Story, Written by Obama – New York Times

Senator Obama understands as well as any politician the power of a well-told story. He has risen in politics less on his track record than on his telling of his life story — a tale he has packaged into two hugely successful books that have helped make him a mega-best-selling, two-time Grammy-winning millionaire front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination at age 46. According to his publisher, there are more than three million copies of his books in print — and two more books on the way.

The story of Mr. Obama’s life as an author tells as much about him as some of the stories he has recounted in his books. It possesses at times the same charmed quality sometimes ascribed to his political ascent — an impression of ease, if not exactly effortlessness, that obscures a more complex amalgam of drive, ambition, timing and the ability to recognize an opportunity and to do what it takes to seize it.

Yeah, about that “life as an author” thingie… The Other McCain wants to know just how the hell did he pull that off?

A 28-year-old law student gets written up in the newspapers, then gets a call from a literary agent? She calls him?

The agent then signs this 28-year-old nobody — whose only credential as an author is student law journal stuff — with Simon & Schuster. Hello? In what alternative universe does this happen?

He misses his deadline, but that’s OK, because he then gets another big contract with a $40,000 advance. At this point, Obama’s story is reminding me of another popular book, The Peter Principle.

But the real killer is how, having gotten a contract based on a proposal for a book about race relations, Obama pulls a bait-and-switch, and instead delivers … a memoir.

A memoir! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? Unless you led the league in RBIs and helped the Yankees win the Series, how the hell does a 28-year-old get away with selling a memoir to a major publisher for $40,000?

By what accomplishment does a 28-year-old law student merit readership for a memoir? What can he possibly write that anyone would want to read? Nothing….

First-time author. $40,000. Memoir. Reviewed in the New York Times.

McCain’s post is kinda/sorta tongue in cheek (“Authors Against Obama!”), but he does have a point. How in hell did Barry pull that off? How does a nobody, who has published jack shit at the time (well, he had managed a couple of poems in a college lit magazine, but lemme tell you, I started and edited one of those rags during my time at CSI, called The Ictus Review. Believe me, being featured in such a pub doesn’t mean a damn thing; you gotta be nth degree awful to get rejected), so how in the world does he earn a call from a literary agent, and then get signed by one of the biggest publishers in the country, who treat him like no raw, unknown author, lacking even a short story to show he possesses any literary ability, has ever been treated before in a notoriously ‘hard to break’ industry?

This Day in Yankee History

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The One Man Media Machine

President Bush was in Israel the other day and gave a speech to the Knesset. Its perspective was summed up by his closing anecdote – a departing British officer in May 1948 handing the iron bar to the Zion Gate to a trembling rabbi and telling him it was the first time in 18 centuries that a key to the gates of the Jerusalem was in the hands of a Jew. In other words, it was a big-picture speech, referencing the Holocaust, the pogroms, Masada – and the challenges that lie ahead. Sen. Obama was not mentioned in the text. No Democrat was mentioned, save for President Truman, in the context of his recognition of the new state of Israel when it was a mere 11 minutes old.

Nonetheless, Barack Obama decided that the president’s speech was really about him, and he didn’t care for it. He didn’t put it quite as bluntly as he did with the Rev. Wright, but the message was the same: “That’s enough. That’s a show of disrespect to me.” And, taking their cue from the soon-to-be nominee’s weirdly petty narcissism, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Co. piled on to deplore Bush’s outrageous, unacceptable, unpresidential, outrageously unacceptable and unacceptably unpresidential behavior.

Honestly. What a bunch of self-absorbed ninnies.

Opinion: Obama an appeaser? Shame on you –

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