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Barry Shows His Foreign Policy Acumen [Update]

One of Barry’s alleged selling points is his “worldliness,” based on his visiting his Kenyan father’s family (who abandoned him, and whose father called Barry’s mother a blight on the family bloodline); his being a tyke in Indonesia for a few years, and a side trip to Pakistan while a college kid.

(According to that logic, I should be at least a potential NY potentate. I’ve visited every NYC borough, and lived in a couple for a time; I regularly visit the Leatherstocking Region, and seriously considered buying land in the dustbowl town of Deposit… and can navigate San Fran without a street map.)

Yesterday, he put lie to that canard:

Sporting a shiny new American flag pin at an appearance in Rush Limbaugh’s hometown, Sen. Barack Obama came up with some novel reasons why the U.S. may be struggling in the war in Afghanistan.

“We don’t have enough capacity right now to deal with it — and it’s not just the troops,” Obama, D-Ill., told a crowd in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Obama posited — incorrectly — that Arabic translators deployed in Iraq are needed in Afghanistan — forgetting, momentarily, that Afghans don’t speak Arabic.

“We only have a certain number of them and if they are all in Iraq, then its harder for us to use them in Afghanistan,” Obama said.

Now, you have to cut the ObamaMessiah some slack; the Magic Negro has shown he don’t know much about history, so why be up to speed on this kind of thing? It has nothing to do with his “HopeyChange!” philosophy…
It’s just another distraction!

(via Gateway Pundit)

UPDATE: “Silly Whiteys”… don’t you know Oprah is the Way™ to thinking Wright?

And Tutu would know what Americans think… he’s as smart as AlGore!

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