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Archive for "May 07 2008"

Well Now, This Changes Everything

If this is true, Vito is screwed:

When cops stopped Rep. Vito Fossella for drunken driving, the married congressman said he was rushing to see his sick daughter on nearby Grimm St. – the home of the mystery woman who later plucked him from jail.

Fossella’s spokeswoman has insisted the single mom, Air Force Col. Laura Fay, 45, was only a “good friend,” but the Staten Island Republican implied to suburban D.C. cops that Fay’s 3-year-old was his.

“The subject stated that he was driving down from Washington, D.C., to Grimm St. because his daughter was sick and needed to go to the hospital,” a police report obtained by the Daily News reveals.

He could readily survive the drunk driving bust by itself, but having a DC-based honey on the side with a kid he sired?

That’s a career-killer; he might as well start sending his résumé to lobbying shops, because his Staten Island strongholds will NOT countenance a transgression like that. The honey alone would be a rough road to ride out, but an illegitimate kid? Holy Hanna Montana, that’s a stabbin’, then shooting, then castrating offense ’round these parts.

He has to know this, and more importantly, the Island Republicans have to know this. If this is true they have a huge decision to make:

Fossella said last week that he would not resign from office, but has not stated that he will remain a candidate for re-election this fall.

The borough Republican executive committee is set to interview candidates for the local fall races on May 15, with a full county convention to come in the weeks following, so there still would be time to nominate another candidate if Fossella does not run.

(You gotta love the way the Fingerboard Road fuckwits at The Retreat reported about this development, tucking it under a headline about fundraising, and not bringing it up until ten paragraphs into the story… what a bunch of chickenshit punks!)

I’d imagine there is some mad scrambling going on right now among the SI Republican mucky mucks. First, they need to find out if Vito fathered the kid, and they have to find out now. Next, they have to make sure Vito does not resign, and pick someone to run for his seat from their stable of current office holders with ‘name brand’ status… which ain’t gonna be easy. The logical choice would be Jimmy Oddo, but it’s taken as conventional wisdom that he has his eyes set on running for–and most likely winning–the Borough President position next year, when he gets term limited out of his City Council seat. I can’t see Oddo giving up on that to be a member of the minority in the House of Representatives, where he’d be treated like dirt and spend most of his time banging his head against the wall since he’d be a rookie AND the only GOP member of the NYC House contingent.

The next likely guy is Andy Lanza, but that too could cause problems. The New York GOP is hanging onto their majority in the state senate by the slimmest of margins, and will scream bloody murder if a seat where they have an unbreakable lock in place bails out on them.

The next few days are gonna be interesting.

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