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Sen. BobbieSocker Menendez (D-Joisey) is a Blithering Idiot

He’s on ‘Morning Joe’ right now, defending Hillary’s (and Cranky McfuckingWeirdUncle’s) ludicrous “Gas Tax Holiday” proposal.

Question for hashfanatic: “How the hell do your people elect morons like this at a regular clip?”

Wife™, who is suddenly all sorts of pro-Hillary! (which I believe has something to do with her Joni Mitchell fixation)–took me to task when I said to the TV screen, “You fucking asshole,” as Menendez tried to explain Hill’s stance as NOT pure political pandering.

“Honey? There is not a goddamn thing she can do to change what they charge at the pump unless we start pumping our own stuff. Cutting that tax won’t change anything in the trading pit. Cutting that tax for three months doesn’t mean anything. And if she tries to get that windfall profits shit passed by Congress she will get her ass handed to her, because there is no way in hell that crap will ever pass. We tried it before and it was a disaster. If the government is given the right to decide how much is too much then this country is fucked. She says she wants to sue OPEC under anti-trust laws and haul them into a WTO hearing… That’s just abject insanity.”

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