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Archive for "May 04 2008"

The Sunday Funnies

via Ace of Spades HQ, who got it from Fausta… I really can’t make head nor tails of this, as per how it helps anyone, but I was giggling like a school kid while watching it:

Adding to to Sunday mirth: “Rev. Wright Stole My Wife”

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s loose cannon of a spiritual adviser, stole the wife of a parishioner – after the man sought Wright’s help in saving his troubled marriage, the former husband told friends.

Delmer Reed, 59, confided to pals that he believed the minister moved in on his wife while Wright was counseling the couple at his Chicago church in the early 1980s, The Post has learned.

“That’s exactly how he said it,” Reed’s divorce lawyer, Roosevelt Thomas, told The Post.

“It looks like Delmer might have been right,” he said, because after Delmer and Ramah Reed were divorced, she got remarried – to Wright. “Either that or this was the biggest coincidence in the world.”

I’m now gonna return to watching the Yanks, while Wife™, in her absence, believes I am dutifully completing household upkeep obligations that I am studiously avoiding.

ADDENDUM: “I smell a definite chapter in “Profiles in Pussywhipped” here.”

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Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Moonbats BUSTED!

Time to Start the “When Will Baby Boss Blow” Poll?

You gotta believe that Santana’s success with the Team in Queens, combined with Ian (“Go get your shit together in Scranton”) Kennedy, and Phil (“Is he the reincarnation of Pavano or ‘Banged Around’ Brown?”) Hughes seriously looking like they just are not ready for prime time, Baby DBG must be getting close to the nuclear explosion threshold:
Hank voices frustration with slow start:

“‘I’m very disappointed with the way the season has gone, period,’ Steinbrenner told The Associated Press at the team’s Spring Training complex in Tampa, Fla…..

‘The injuries have been a killer, too, there’s no question about that,’ Steinbrenner said. ‘It happens to one team every year, sometimes more than one team. And it just appears to be our year. It’s something you’ve got to deal with in every sport.'”

If Torre was having big success out West, I’m sure Hank would be livid and threatening Cashman’s wife with execution right now.

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