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Archive for "May 01 2008"

Jackass [Update]

Vito FossellaImage via Wikipedia

Jeez, I’ve seen Suzie Molinari absolutely shit-faced, barely hanging on at an end of the bar in The Roadhouse, and even she was smart enough to leave her car behind and call a goddamn cab. I also know a few of Vito’s notorious “Triple F” (Farrell/Fordham/Fossella) Team, and not a one even mildly could be considered a tee-totaler, so this comes as no great surprise….

Still, the question is: “Why didn’t you have a driver, you dumb dago? And for God’s sake, tell me you weren’t in a car with New York plates, because if so then you were just asking for it.”

Vito Fossella charged with drunken driving

UPDATE: According to Curtis Sliwa (on his WABC radio show) accompanying Fossella at the time of the bust was Jody Haggerty (full disclosure: i consider him a friend). I can’t find anything online to corroborate this, but Jody was down in DC at the time. Also, his family (if not himself; I’d never even considered the idea that Jody went to college, so the question never came up) most likely has male members who would fit the bill for membership in the Triple F team.

For you non-Staten island folks, Haggerty runs “Jody’s Club Forest,” one of the greatest joints on SI. Until The Retreat ratted him out, he also ran the nation’s richest NCAA basketball pool. Club Forest is Ground Zero for Staten Island’s Saint Paddy’s Day parade, hosting the Hibernians’ prayer breakfast, and is–take note–considered a Democrat party clubhouse.

So if it is true Jody was riding shotgun, do NOT expect the local Dems to hammer Vito over this, because they are not going to want to piss off Jody.

That idiot Harrison from Brooklyn, though, is already demanding Fossella’s resignation….

Good luck with that one, Steve-O.

Why It Is Mostly Safe to Call “Educated” Englishmen Stone Stupid Idiots

Add this to the ever-growing list:
The 50 most influential US political pundits – Telegraph

This list is teetering close to resembling an Onion article. Bill freakin’ Maher is influential? Where? and that douchebag is more influential than Michael Barone, Juan Williams, Peggy Noonan, Carville, etc… on what bloody spreadsheet do you work that equation, skippy?

What planet is this guy living on where he believes Saint Andy of the Heartaching Gobsmack is more important than… well, anyone behind him on this asshat list, or the guy who collects my recyclable beer cans. Sully has become a blogosphere punching bag and a punchline for craven assholery; a hapless, preening prancing poncer who wants to have Obama’s baby (after Kerry wouldn’t even give him a reach around and Ron Paul refused to pay the hotel bill after Sully used up all the tissues), yet insists he is a conservative.

This might be the stupidest shit I’ve read online… and I visit FARKistan on a regular basis!

Based on the delusion this guy seems is using to judge how “influential” people that a vast majority of the American population have never even heard of, if tomorrow’s top ten doesn’t have Rush Limbaugh as Number One (especially after all this “Operation Chaos” crap), then the boy is seriously–no, make that MONUMENTALLY–dumb from the neck up.

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