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Wright Nukes Barry’s Campaign

Well, this past weekend’s PR blitz is over (but I doubt he is gonna disappear for long). As memeorandum makes clear, he has certainly riled up a lot of people, and in my mind, has absolutely destroyed any chance of Barry, if he gains the Democrat nomination, not being blown to Hell in the general election.

Many in the chattering class, whether online or cable news channels, say Barry needs to do anything he can to disassociate himself from this maniacal “spiritual mentor.”

One problem: he can’t do it and expect to win the nomination.

In The Speech, Barry said “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.” That was actually admirable (if, IMO, pretty dumb). Doing so now will look like the most craven act imaginable by the rookie Senator who’d been running on his “judgment,” and send a message to the black voting block he now commands that he is just another hack politician who is willing to do anything if he thinks it gives him a tactical advantage, including abandoning them, since in his own words he considers the pastor and the black community to be one in the same.

Wright’s whirlwind weekend has stripped Barry’s campaign of the premise that everyone was taking Wright “out of context” based on snippets of sermons posted on YouTube. That crap won’t fly anymore. His speech in Detroit and his appearance at the National Press Club are out there in all their uncut glory.

This guy sees himself as the Pope of “the black church.” He believes his Black Liberation Theology is The One True Faith. Especially in his NPC performance, he has obliterated the idea that, after twenty years of listening to this demagogue, Barry had no idea of the unbridled racist sentiment driving that theology.

Trying to convince anyone otherwise is a fool’s errand. It’ll never fly. Wright won’t let it happen, because he needs Barry to lose. If Barry actually wins the Presidency, it shreds Wright’s theology. If Obama loses, however, Wright can stand up and say “WHITEY ROBBED THE BLACK MAN!”

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