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Archive for "Apr 23 2008"

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Dohrn in 2007: America, “the heart of the monster”

We Don’t Like bombers

Ace of Spades HQ
Barack Obama’s National Security Plan Vindicated: 15 Mahdi Army Assholes Killed in Sadr City by Combined Barrage of 155mm Hope and Laser-Guided Change

This al-Sadr is a military genius. It’s like he’s just toying with us!

Iraqi and US forces have not stopped its operations against The Mahdi Army in Baghdad and the South despite Sadr’s threat to conduct a third uprising. US forces in Baghdad alone have reported 56 “criminals” killed since Sadr issued his warning. The US military refers to the Mahdi Army as criminals in an effort to marginalize and delegitimize the group.

Twenty-seven Mahdi Army fighters were killed during clashes in Sadr City and Baghdad on April 20. US troops killed five Mahdi Army fighters in Sadr City and another seven fighters in New Baghdad on April 21. US soldiers killed another fifteen Mahdi Army fighters inside Sadr City on April 22.

So, killing them no longer counts? So what the hell is the bar?

Well. Hhmm. That’s Certainly a Way to Crash and Burn

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Gee, why doesn’t the Left resonate with Americans?
For those who thought Crackerquiddick was a mere rhetorical stumble instead of a revealing moment for hard-Left liberal elites, Randi Rhodes comes along today to remove all doubt. According to reports, she led off her Nova-M radio show today with an explanation for Hillary Clinton’s big win in Pennsylvania last night. It didn’t come from her hard work in voter turnout or her better performance in last Wednesday’s debate. No — Hillary dove into the racial dumpster to get a 10-point win:

The Clinton campaign describes Hillary’s voters as older, white, and undereducated. Or as we called them in my neighborhood: white trash.

According to MyDD diarist Ryeland, Rhodes followed this trenchant trashy analysis by accusing Hillary of being elitist, running off of her own money for the Presidency.

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