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Archive for "Apr 21 2008"

Sister Mary Rachel of the Bloody Ruler Lays Down the Law

white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them.

I think she’d rip my lungs out if I ever met her….

Rachel Lucas » Two Minutes Hate: Nora Ephron on white men.

This Thing Has Been Annoying Me…

Roger’s Rules: Yale, abortion, and the limits of art

Certainly, the whole idea of the “piece” was morally repellent. Certainly, Yale’s response was a masterpiece of evasion. “Had these acts been real,” their statement continued, “they would have violated basic ethical standards and raised serious mental and physical health concerns.” You don’t say? Here’s a question: what action would Yale be prepared to take if it turns out that Shvarts has “violated” the above mentioned “basic ethical standards”? And what, by the way, was the standard being violated? I wonder, for example, whether the Yale spokesman would say that abortion itself violated a basic ethical standard? Or maybe the violation requires first deliberately impregnating oneself?

I’m gonna… NOT say anything. I will remand my self to “Ramones, Motherfuck!” when you ask about political party.

Affiliate that.

For No Apparent Reason

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