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Archive for "Apr 17 2008"

Paging Mark “Rescuing Sprite” Levin

Anyone who knows me knows I am totally in the tank when it comes to da poochies. A neighbor has an overly aggressive Akita (is there any other version?) that desperately wanted to kill BootzDog every time they would cross paths when “You and You” (who would easily snuff that Akita as an afterthought one step above licking their ass if it itched… and he knew it) weren’t in tow, and he was flabbergasted when I finally got fed up with it and learned his humongous maniac out of that idea, and the two ended up playing together.

“You’re an idiot,” I told the guy. “He’s a dog; if you aren’t in charge then he’s in charge. People like you piss me off to no end, Matty. My lunatics, at their worse, would never dare trying the crap you let this guy get away with if I was in eyesight.”

In my mind, God put dogs on Earth to remind Man that he ain’t all that. Dogs are the ultimate humblers.

Marine Corps General Order 1-A forbids any behavior which would be prejudicial to order, which means that combat troops are forbidden to acquire pets–which means that military discipline encourages soldiers to “euthanize” dogs which attach themselves to soldiers and potentially interfere with armed action. But nobody among the Lava Dogs who discover the puppy will follow through on those orders.

Read it all… and then, if it is your tact, come back and tell me that OUR guys are brutal thugs who just kill for the sheer fun of killing any living thing.

Meet Lava:

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