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Archive for "Apr 15 2008"

It’s Not About “Bitter.” It’s About the Man Saying What He Really Believes

Pajamas Media has an interesting story, Deep Inside ‘Bittergate’, that recounts how Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Moonbats, who are totally in the tank for Barry, caused this story to explode.

Now, after watching the storm of coverage, lost in all the spin is something I found obvious. Ripping off MLK, I say judge Barry by the content of his character when trying to glean where his “understanding” of those small town folks comes from: twenty years in a pew at Pastor Wright’s church. Remember, when that bomb blew up Barry said this guy was who gave him his understanding of faith, so he could not possibly turn his back to the man who “brought him to Jesus.” So anytime Barry and “faith” are in the same sentence, whether in reference to his–or some Pennsy gun-toting, God fearing hillbillies–you really have to understand his working definition of what “faith” is….

There have only been two places where I have found anything that looked at this:


If you think about it, the fact that Obama lumped the perceived religion of the white, rural Pennsylvanian with “antipathy toward those not like them”–that is, racism, bigotry and anti-immigration (sic)–makes perfect sense.* The latter is bad and so is the former—if one is observing from the perspective of Black Liberation Theology.

In Obama’s mind, the religion clung to by the “average poor white Pennsylvanian” is BLT’s demonic “white” Church. The “white” Church is the tool of oppression for all—including poor whites—and should be shaken off just like other social maladies. Just like anti-immigration (sic) and racism. One will note that, in the defense of the earlier remarks, Obama still does not say anything objectively positive about the religion adhered to by the average rural white Pennsylvanian. What he actually says is that government should answer their prayers.

Paxety Pages:

My concern is this: It’s not that “the other America” (black America) is just culturally different, but that it is fueled by racist hatred of whites. And when that embedded racism enters the political channel, I should not be expected to tolerate it. I will not have my rights as a citizen abrogated by anyone. Nor should any other American (black, white, or whatever). Barack Obama is a product of this alternate America, this anti-American, anti-white black liberation theology. Black Liberation Theology (1966) was spawned by Afrocentrism – a ludicrous reinvention of history that has the Egyptians as black Africans who flew around the skies of North Africa on wings, a black Jesus, and every major player in history, except perhaps George Washington, as being of sub-Sharan origin.

Revered Wright subscribes to BLT; and his disciple, the presidential candidate formerly known as Barry Obama, sat at his feet for twenty years soaking it up. Barack’s negative feelings about whites are a matter of public record . . . scribed by his own hand. There is nothing in his early policy statements to suggest at some point he suddenly had an epiphany that white people weren’t the devil incarnate.

Today, Bob Herbert in the NY Times (via Cap’n Ed) said Barry’s various explanations avoided stating the “obvious”:

Bob Herbert joins the vast majority of punditry in scolding Barack Obama over his comments in San Francisco about small-town Midwestern voters. Before readers get their hopes up about Herbert suddenly discovering common sense, they should note that Herbert thinks Obama failed to go far enough. He writes that Obama should have explicitly called them racists:

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