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Archive for "Apr 13 2008"

Blog Mamma Goes Nuts on Da Taxman

Rachel Lucas is teh Goddess

If it were later than 12:16 p.m. and if I had eaten anything yet today, I would take a double shot of whiskey right now. I might do it anyway because any negative repercussions from that would have to be better than feeling every ounce of pain I’m enduring today.

I am doing my taxes.

And you know what, right this second, I’m NOT proud to be an American. I’m not even proud to be a human being today. I am certainly not enjoying the fact that I share air and a planet with whatever assholes invented and maintain the IRS.

It makes me want to blow shit up. Not people, that would be taking it too far, but definitely shit. Like watermelons and outhouses and maybe even a taco truck.

she’s like that.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving (to Hillary)

Gateway Pundit: Chicken Comes Home to Roost… Jeremiah Wright Blasts Media, FOX News, America, O’Reilly, Hannity, Thomas Jefferson, Founding Fathers…

Oh, c’mon now! he couldn’t work Pat Buchanon or Lyndon La Rouche into this diatribe?

The man is obviously off his game. I blame Perez Hilton. Or Hitch calling Saint Andy a lesbo… or (fill in whatever you feel like).

Denver is gonna need a nuke strike by the time that convention is gavelled closed… just to be sure.

Will Somerby’s (who?) head asplode? Pleeze? Den we get cheezburgers? okthnx.

Ace: “Guess he must have lost a mill job. He certainly pretends to worship God and definitely hates people who don’t look like him.”

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