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Just Shooting This Idiot Would Not Be Enough

Times change and they change fast and hard in the high-tech business; you make one mistake and suddenly you are falling behind so fast that it becomes a struggle to catch up.

And that pretty much sums up the natterings of John C. Dvorak. He’s the Andy Rooney of tech pundits; a crotchety coot who has never gotten anything right, yet, somehow, keeps getting paychecks. This is the guy who, for nearly two decades, has been championing Apple’s imminent demise.
It’s like he has a schoolgirl’s cafeteria hatred of the Cupertino crew and anything they would do… at one point, he even declaimed they would throw their own OS overboard and start shipping Windows-equipped boxes.

In other words, he is a screaming idiot.

In this article, Dull Dell is caught in a 1990s time warp he once again shows how absolutely clueless he seems to be about the current topography. And he even had the balls to take a swing at Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis (who, following JJ’s “transparency” ideal, I must admit has banned me from commenting on his site on more than one occasion for damning him as “just another Si Newhouse/jerkoff from Jersey media tool”), who called Dell out and forced them to change their customer service scheme three years ago.

I got a bunch of compys; and since Wife™ works in a Windows world the homefront is not a totally Mac Daddy shop. Except for one Gateway, all my Wintel rigs are Dell, for the simple reason I can pick up the phone (or go online) and say “I want it rigged like this” and they’ll ship me the sucker within two days.

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