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Monday Morning Funny, and Some Meandering Musing on What it All Means


Watching the way the lefty blogosphere has split along Barry/Hillary lines and warring with each other on a near nuclear level has been almost as much fun as the battle between the candidates themselves. What is really interesting, though, is that in their internecine death match they are doing a damn fine job of providing the McCain camp with, as highlighted here, all kinds of ammo to be deployed once a victor is declared and the general election campaign gets under way. Seriously, McCain’s team can just scour those sites and save countless dollars that would normally be spent doing opposition research.

Something’s always been inherently weird about the politically “progressive” side of the ‘sphere compared to the right wing/conservative sites. I can’t really put a finger on it, but I think it has something to do with an almost inherent need to be “part of something” that exists among the lefties, to a point that many of them seem willing to subsume their individuality to be members of a “community.” Hell, look at the software running sites like Kos; any schmuck can run a blog for free, but this need of community is literally backboned by the app running the joint. There are group blogs on the right, but I know of no right-leaning website similarly constructed, where the “community” rates (or buries) entries (or in this case, “diaries”) in a way that decides if they are widely read, or left for dead.

Look at things like EschaCon and Yearly Kos. What the hell is that all about, if not a yearning for community that just does not exist on the other side of the aisle? Jeez, it’s like comic book nerds, or “in too deep” Trekkers and similar sci-fi geeks except, in these cases, it’s almost cult-like on a level far higher–and troubling–than a bunch of “Firefly” fans calling themselves Browncoats, or goofballs getting together to yell at each other in Klingon. For me, it is freaky in the sense that it’s almost a religious fervor that envelops the participants; that they, and they alone, have heard the Word, and are very serious about spreading their version of Reality.

The closest example I can think of that offers a parallel among righty sites–and here, I have to make one hell of a stretch–is “Aceapalooza,” a glorified beer binge named after a self-designated Moron Blog.


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