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Archive for "Mar 24 2008"

Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know

Spitzer Pushed Staff’s Effort to Smear Bruno – New York Times

The governor has previously said he was not personally involved in the effort, suggesting only that he was vaguely aware that his aides had responded to a reporter’s inquiry about Mr. Bruno’s travels on state aircraft.

But testimony and other information gathered by the Albany County district attorney, P. David Soares, indicate that the governor’s participation was extensive and reflected Mr. Spitzer’s intense desire to damage Mr. Bruno, the people with knowledge of the case said.

The investigation was based on examination of e-mail messages, along with interviews with about a half-dozen senior administration officials, chief among them Mr. Spitzer’s former communications director, Darren Dopp, whom prosecutors decided last month to give immunity from prosecution.

Like McGreevey in Jersey, Eliot’s dick got in the way of the corruption charges that were assuredly coming down the pike.

Around June 25 or June 26, Mr. Dopp told prosecutors, he first met with Richard Baum, the governor’s chief of staff, who told Mr. Dopp that the governor wanted the records on Mr. Bruno released to the media. “Eliot wants you to release the records,” Mr. Baum told him.

But Mr. Dopp, mindful of the political war that would erupt between the governor’s office and Mr. Bruno, hesitated and decided to check with the governor.

He told the governor that Mr. Bruno would be furious, according to people familiar with his account. Mr. Spitzer responded with expletives about Mr. Bruno and belligerently dismissed the warning.

The governor was so angry, Mr. Dopp recalled, that he turned red and spit out coffee he was sipping as he directed him to release the records immediately. “As he was saying it, he was spitting a little bit,” Mr. Dopp said. “He was spitting mad.”

Eliot Spitzer is the classic spoiled rich shit. He was ready to destroy his “enemies” but wanted his hands to appear clean, so he sent his soldiers. Like when he was the NY AG, he thought intimidation was all that was required. Jacks like that never figure out that a dude like Bruno will only go down kicking and screaming, whereas Wall Streeters will just cut a check to be done with Eliot’s bullshit. Couched in his Daddy’s money, Eliot was always a dillatante who had no fucking idea how the world works, so the world reared up and kicked his ass directly into the gutter.

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