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We Are FAR Beyond “The Magic Negro”

On this Easter morn, when, by weird happenstance, Passover does not dovetail: IMAO: Why Would His Church Need to Preach the Gospel When It Has the Messiah in Its Audience?

To the “Black” Community: I give you: “White Jew Fadder; Mamma Mama”

Speaking here for all White people, WE are kinda beyond the aggrandizing bullshit; Sharpton, Jesse, and now it seems ObamaMessiah’s pastor/”spiritual guru” are people we look at and laugh. But, whether white or light-skinned, you wanna keep wallowing in it? Go right ahead. But don’t for one second think us morons are gonna go along with it.

Me? I got over that “Nigger of Europe” thing the Irish rode years ago. Why can’t YOU FUCKING IDIOTS get over you victimoligy?

I’m fly with the Furious Five.

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