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Archive for "Mar 23 2008"

In Barry’s Backyard

He’s too Magic Negro; he’s all “Easter in St. Thomas” while Protesters Scream & Spray Fake Blood at Churchgoers in his “hometown.”

We Are FAR Beyond “The Magic Negro”

On this Easter morn, when, by weird happenstance, Passover does not dovetail: IMAO: Why Would His Church Need to Preach the Gospel When It Has the Messiah in Its Audience?

To the “Black” Community: I give you: “White Jew Fadder; Mamma Mama”

Speaking here for all White people, WE are kinda beyond the aggrandizing bullshit; Sharpton, Jesse, and now it seems ObamaMessiah’s pastor/”spiritual guru” are people we look at and laugh. But, whether white or light-skinned, you wanna keep wallowing in it? Go right ahead. But don’t for one second think us morons are gonna go along with it.

Me? I got over that “Nigger of Europe” thing the Irish rode years ago. Why can’t YOU FUCKING IDIOTS get over you victimoligy?

I’m fly with the Furious Five.

Some People Should Not Be Allowed Anywhere Near a Copy of Final Cut Pro

or any other video editing software.

Seriously. This is stupendously goofy. I have to agree with Duncan: “I believe the YouTube era begins the age when it is impossible to tell parody/irony/performance art from completely sincere product.”

At least “ObamaGirl” was a babe….

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