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Barry: “It’s a White Thang” [Updated]

610 WIP host Angelo Cataldi asked Obama about his Tuesday morning speech on race at the National Constitution Center in which he referenced his own white grandmother and her prejudice. Obama told Cataldi that “The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity, but that she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know – there’s a reaction in her that’s been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and sometimes come out in the wrong way and that’s just the nature of race in our society.

That is gotta be the lamest attempt at pulling someone out of the mud after having thrown them in: “It’s not her fault; it’s the way all Whiteys roll.”

Obama on WIP: My grandmother’s a “typical white person” | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/20/2008

I like this bit, when the campaign was asked to comment on what Barry said:

“Barack Obama said specifically that he didn’t believe his grandmother harbored any racial animosity, but that her fears were understandable and typical of those often shared by her generation,” said Obama’s PA spokesman Sean Smith, who added that Grandma is 86-years-old.

Now, that kinda racial animosity is just the way all old White folk roll?

BULLSHIT. This guy Sean Smith is a goddamn idiot, or he thinks everybody else are goddamn idiots. When confronted with his Obamassiah’s own words, he tries to play a variation of the “don’t believe your lying eyes” defense.

Barry DID TOO infer his Grandma harbors “racial animosity” in The Speech, to a degree that would sometimes make him “cringe.” It was the only reason he brought her into this, fer chrissakes!

And he never, ever, so much as hinted at only speaking about members of her generation, in either The Speech or this radio interview, you schmuck. In The Speech he used her as an example from his own, bi-racial family, equivocating her attitude to his pastor/”uncle” and his ravings from the pulpit.

Barry thinks ALL white people fear the brown people as much as his Grandma, and he said it into a microphone. You ain’t spinning your way out of this one, pal.

UPDATE: Hannity just played the clip!

UPDATE DEUX: And it’s hit Memeorandum. So the chattering class isn’t gonna be able to avoid it.

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