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Gore Green and Glow, Baby!

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Throw (Grand)Mama From the Train

I watched The Speech. It was, rhetorically, pretty good, but not as brilliant as a lot of people are claiming. When, early on, he said “the original sin of slavery,” I knew he was not going to distance himself from his pastor; he was going to change the subject away from “why have you spent the last twenty years sitting in a pew while this guy spewed this kinda crap?”

Instead, he tried to rationalize it, and while doing so committed the most egregiously reprehensible bit of equivocation I’ve heard by saying he could no more disown his pastor than he could disown his grandmother, “who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

Sorry, Barry, but that’s NOT how you described her “confession” in your goddamned book. She had been hassled by some bum while waiting for a bus; a bum who happened to be a brother. She shared a fear that Jesse Jackson, in a moment of candor, admitted he shared with her.

Comparing her to the incredibly racist ranting against whites by your pastor is beneath contempt. As Chris Rock put it, that’s not fear of “blacks.” It’s fear of “niggas.” A fear shared by many people of all colors and creeds.

As Kaus notes, there was a lot of these equivocations littered through the text.

Your entire campaign had been about getting beyond race. Now, it’s what it’s gonna be about. Black Liberation Theology is going to (hopefully; the way the media is fawning over your speech it’s far from certain) get a full airing, since that is the Christian system your pastor preaches so effectively that you decided to sit in his pews as he “helped introduce me to my Christian faith.”

It ain’t gonna be pretty. According to your own words, your Christian faith–derived from your pastor–will look pretty damn extreme to plenty of people who were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt; who thought you were the man who could get this country to put the racial divide behind us.

If you would have thrown your pastor under the bus; outright rejected him, it probably would have cost you some votes in “the black community” that agrees with this theologic system. But portraying what he preaches as no better or worse than you granny being afraid of getting mugged while waiting for a bus?

Nigga, please. You couldn’t be in worse shape unless Al Sharpton was on your team.

Oh, wait….

Sox Stand Up

Enjoy it; it’s probably the last time you’ll see me type this kind of thing:
Boston Red Sox – Resolution reached in Japan pay flap – The Boston Globe

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