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Archive for "Mar 12 2008"

This is Too Funny [Update]

Eliot’s motorcade is getting the “OJ in the Bronco” treatment on every friggin’ channel, and there are at least two choppers involved..

I’m just hoping that, keeping with his mind-numbing stupidity, he takes questions after announcing his resignation… and Fred Dicker says, “Yo? How’s it feel, “Steamroller,” now that YOU are the one under the bus?”

And Eliot cries like a little girl.

UPDATE: Announcement Time! First, his wife has to be a masochist; next, this guy is redefining douchebag right before my eyes. “…our children…”

As She Who Must Be Obeyed Mom would say: “Jesus Mary Mother of God! He has no shame.”

And Albany goes batshit crazy on Saint Patrick’s Day!

BTW: Did he just calls his wife “Soda”?

UPDATE: I told Wife™, when this tawdry tale first broke, “Wall Street will go five hundred up just on the thought that fucker is getting his cumuppence.”

god, I should have put some money behind that bet.

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