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Reflections of a Geritol Swigging Geek

Think the iPhone is pricey? The cool cell phone of 1988 cost $4,382 in today’s dollars. A 150MB hard drive? $8,755. Take a trip with us down memory lane and you’ll never whine about the price of a gadget again.
Ever wax nostalgic about your first PC or cell phone? It’s easy to forgive your Tandy desktop or your Motorola portable for their limitations — after all, they were technological infants.

What we often forget, though, is how $%#@! expensive that crude neolithic junk was! So join us on a trip two decades back in technology’s history — and we bet that the next time you’re charged $895 for a small square of plastic and transistors, you’ll smile and say, “Wow, what a bargain!”

1988 vs. 2008: A Tech Retrospective

Articles like this always make me laugh. I look back to what my hardware setup from 1988 consisted of:
Apple IIc (warranty violated to an amazing 1 Meg of memory!)
12″ color monitor/TV
1 outboard 5.25″ floppy drive
2 outboard 3.5″ disk drives
Imagewriter II color printer
2400 Baud Hayes modem

and realize that one lone rig (I later added an Apple IIGS) cost more than what my whole damn current configuration (four desktops; three lappies; 1 B/W laser & 2 color inkjets; cable modem; wireless router; 8 port 10/100 Ethernet hub) consists of as I write this trip down the memory hole.

If I include some other stuff, like digital still and vid cameras, and crap I have laying around but rarely use anymore, I probably would, dollar-wise, inch ahead of what I laid out then, but if I factor in that I actually paid for damn near all my software in those halcyon days….

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