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Archive for "Feb 27 2008"

Forget the Text…

When I clicked on this: TERRORISTS WHO NEVER HAVE TO SAY ‘SORRY’ my first thought upon seeing the accompanying pic was, “which one is the chick?”

Sometimes, “Sweet Mary Mother of Christ on Crutches!” Just Doesn’t Cut It

Even with my vast command of invective, there are things that, in their sheer screaming stupidity, can leave me nearly speechless…

Like this brand of BS: Hollywood And The Trendy New “Terrorist” Ribbon

Wednesday Morning Fun

When I see this, ABC News: Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller to Retire, my brain immediately ponders the question, “just how does one jigger his résumé to score this gig?”

Whenever me and friends are together and rambling on about what we would do if we ever won a big-bucks lottery payout, my stock answer is always, “buy Lynchburg; rename it “Me-ville,” and force those Jack Daniel’s guys to up the proof right through the roof.”

Ain’t that right, Lonesome George?

In case you didn’t recognize the dude wearing the Santa suit in that clip:

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