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Billary Takes Over Tammany

The Corner on National Review Online

So where are the cries of disenfranchisement, or at least attempted disenfranchisement? Where are the conspiracy theories? The outrage? And for that matter, where are the cries of outrage that many Democratic party officials appear determined to deny the states of Florida and Michigan representation at the Democratic National Convention? One-point-seven million people voted in Florida’s Democratic primary and 595,000 voted in Michigan’s Democratic contest. As things stand now, they will have no representation at the convention. (And while those voters are silent, each state’s superdelegates will be able to vote however they choose.)
[emphasis is mine]

It’s really astounding, the way the MSM is going out of their collective way to avoid this Democrat food fight. We hear (or read) about how McCain has to reach out to the Republican conservative base (which seems to be defined as talk radio), but the plain fact that Bubba and Hill are more than willing to tear the Democratic Party apart to achieve their goals? Or that, viewed through a discerning eye, Obamamessiah is kinda looking like an empty suit… nothing.

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