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Archive for "Feb 15 2008"

Pot Called the Kettle What?

Time’s Halperin Apologizes For Saying Edwards “Thinks Obama Is Kind Of A Pussy”

via Ace, who noted: “He said that. That Edwards finds another man insufficiently masculine and badass. And now he’s apologizing for using the word “pussy,” rather than speaking offensively senseless gibberish.”

I Love Staten Island, But…

sometimes our brand of idiocy seems to be crazy and/or stupid to a degree that us (nominally) normal folk just cannot begin to comprehend.

Exhibit A:

In a potentially landmark decision, a judge today let stand allegations that a Staten Island teen broke the law when she reached out last summer on MySpace, the wildly popular social networking Web site, to three people she was ordered not to contact.

Melisa Fernino, 16, of West Brighton, used a MySpace “friend request” to contact a 43-year-old woman and her two daughters, who previously obtained a Family Court order of protection against her, prosecutors charge.

“The MySpace friend requests fall within the court’s mandate that, [Ms. Fernino] shall have ‘no contact’ with [the alleged victims],’ Stapleton Criminal Court Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino ruled in a four-page decision.

Exhibit B:

On his arrest two years ago stemming from three shootings on the North Shore of Staten Island, an ex-convict with ties to the Bloods street gang vowed to silence cops, prosecutors and witnesses.

But Pearlie Johnson’s threats didn’t deter authorities from prosecuting — or convicting him.

The 22-year-old defendant faces up to 20 years behind bars after a jury in Brooklyn federal court found him guilty of separate gun- and ammunition-possession charges.

“He thought that he could intimidate the justice system. This conviction proves he thought wrong,” District Attorney Daniel Donovan said today, a day after the verdict was reached.

In both cases, I blame our edumacation system, because stuff like this has to have been learned; dumbassed actions of this magnitude just ain’t natural. 🙂

Grab Yer Shillelaghs, Me Buckos! The Northern Frenchies Have Crossed the Line This Time

Quebec language police nab Montreal bar for vintage posters

An Irish pub in Montreal will fight an order from Quebec’s language watchdog to take down antique advertising posters from its walls.

The Office de la langue francaise (OLF) issued the order to McKibbins Irish Pub on Feb. 6, informing the tavern it was violating Quebec’s language charter by displaying the imported vintage posters.

The wall hangings include vintage advertisements for Guinness and St. James Gate Dublin, imported from Ireland.

Yaysus, Mary and Saint Joseph, ya dumb froggie idjits, it’s a bloody IRISH PUB! Were you expectin’ them to be hanging posters of the Eiffel Tower and the grape fields of Burgundy?

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