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This Hearing is a Joke [Updated]

I’ve been watching the Clemens/MacNamee Hearing Inquisition, and it has devolved from an absolute waste of time and taxpayer dollars to a television game show: “Who’s the Liar?”

Clemens says “No way, never.”
MacNamee says “Yes he did.”

Let the Game Begin!

It proceeded with them trying to get Clemens to call Andy Pettitte a liar, which Rocket avoided; then it started down the rabbit hole.

So far, MacNamee seems to be pulling ahead in the Unbelievabilty Olympics; one of the Inquisitors read through a list of quotes MacNamee has given to various newspapers and other media outlets, stopping after each and asking, “was that the truth?”

MacNamee: “No sir.”

After about the eighth question the guy says, “Y’know, I’m not even going to bother with the rest of this list,” and said, “This is basically a case of who we are supposed to believe, and I have to say, I have no reason to believe you.”

MacNamee: “but I used to be a cop!” (Okay, I made that up, but MacNamee keeps bringing up the fact that he used to be NYPD, as if THAT somehow makes him more credible.)

In a nutshell, some of these Congressional assclowns seem to be trying to set Clemens up for a perjury rap, while others are making a point that there is no sane reason to believe anything that comes out of MacNamee’s mouth… and MacNamee’s giving them plenty of ammo.

We needed a hearing for this? Wasn’t this where we were when the Mitchell Report hit the fan?

UPDATE: Ray “where do I go to get back my reputation?” Donovan INVOKED.

UPDATE: Okay, here comes the fun. One of the lawyers involved in writing the Mitchell Report is getting dismantled by some half-deaf coot Rep. Kanjorski, and the shyster is getting chased right off that old man’s lawn!

UPDATE: At roughly the 2.5 hour mark, we have a winna! for Dimmest bulb on the panel.

UPDATE: OH. DEAR LORD. Clemens: “My daddy died when I was a child… I was brought up by two strong women… drugs killed my sister.”

Y’know something Rocket? I really, really don’t like you, and I’m seriously leaning towards believing you, but if you go down that particular “woe is me” road one more time….

Screw this; time for a liquid lunch. Any further updates will likely be done as an homage to Stephen Green’s drunkblogging.

UPDATE: From the “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” file: Mike (I fellate Bill Parcells) Franscesa just opined the panel is breaking along political lines; that the Repubs on the committee are defending Clemens because “he’s buddies with the Bush family,” and lauded MacNamee’s testimony as the most believable delivered to this point.

Mike and the Mad Dog have both already declared Clemens guilty, so deciding that Clemens is getting the worst of the Inquisition is not surprising, but attaching a partisan political aspect to this is just ridiculous. Then again, these two mooks have a tendency to be jibbering idiots.

It never occurred to me, a politics junkie, to even look at this hearing in that kind of light; hell, only a few of the panel members’ party affiliation is even aware to me.

No one told me I’d need freakin’ lineup cards!

UPDATE: MacNamee just admitted he’s been foisting himself off as a “Ph.D,” (on business cards and other marketing materials) after “earning” his doctorate through a correspondence course from a “college” that doesn’t even have an actual, brick and mortar campus!

Why are they even still talking to this guy?

UPDATE: Maloney’s getting a run for her “Dimmest bulb” money by someone called “Mrs. Fox” who just presented pictures of Clemens from various stages of his career and said (paraphrased) “your body don’t seem to have changed. How’s that?” and invited Roger to speak about his workout regime.

Waxman shut down Rocket in mid-response.

UPDATE: Show’s over, and YES cut back to M&tMD, who are still riding the partisan political angle.

You know something? Let’s say the questioning did break the way they say, that ALL the Dems wanted Clemens dead while ALL the Repubs tried to defend him.

Wouldn’t that pretty well put to rest that holding this hearing ever had anything to do with discovering the truth, but was all about scoring (somewhat nebulous to me) political points?

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