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Archive for "Feb 13 2008"

This Dog Gets Steak For Evah!

Years from now, it’ll be known as the “ah-roo!” heard ’round the ring.

Hail, Snoopy! Beagle wins Westminster

No longer an underdog — make that an Underdog — Uno beat out two neatly primped poodles, a top Sealyham terrier, a sleek Weimaraner, a lively Australian shepherd and a sprightly Akita.

I watched him win Monday night’s qualifier and fell in love. The fact that he just would not shut up….

This Hearing is a Joke [Updated]

I’ve been watching the Clemens/MacNamee Hearing Inquisition, and it has devolved from an absolute waste of time and taxpayer dollars to a television game show: “Who’s the Liar?”

Clemens says “No way, never.”
MacNamee says “Yes he did.”

Let the Game Begin!

It proceeded with them trying to get Clemens to call Andy Pettitte a liar, which Rocket avoided; then it started down the rabbit hole.

So far, MacNamee seems to be pulling ahead in the Unbelievabilty Olympics; one of the Inquisitors read through a list of quotes MacNamee has given to various newspapers and other media outlets, stopping after each and asking, “was that the truth?”

MacNamee: “No sir.”

After about the eighth question the guy says, “Y’know, I’m not even going to bother with the rest of this list,” and said, “This is basically a case of who we are supposed to believe, and I have to say, I have no reason to believe you.”

MacNamee: “but I used to be a cop!” (Okay, I made that up, but MacNamee keeps bringing up the fact that he used to be NYPD, as if THAT somehow makes him more credible.)

In a nutshell, some of these Congressional assclowns seem to be trying to set Clemens up for a perjury rap, while others are making a point that there is no sane reason to believe anything that comes out of MacNamee’s mouth… and MacNamee’s giving them plenty of ammo.

We needed a hearing for this? Wasn’t this where we were when the Mitchell Report hit the fan?

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