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Archive for "Feb 12 2008"

Albany Idiocy Knows No Boundaries

When I first heard about Eliot’s plan to have drug dealers buy tax stamps to be placed on their wares and provide Albany with a new source of revenue, I just laughed to myself and thought, “not even those fools up north would ever actually vote for something this spectacularly dumb.”

Based on the following, I’m gonna have to shelve that thought. They are definitely gonna agree to it, since this idiot Aubry is already declaring it a burden unfairly placed on those starving drug hustlers working our corners and parks, and the other clown is treating the argument as legitimate!

February 12, 2008 — ALBANY – A prominent Democratic Queens assemblyman yesterday warned that Gov. Spitzer’s proposed tax on illegal drugs – dubbed the “crack tax” by critics – could unfairly impact the drug dealers themselves.

Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry told Spitzer Tax Commissioner Robert Megna during a legislative budget hearing that requiring drug users and dealers to pay state sales tax on their illegal stash is an undue burden since they already face fines and possible forfeiture of property and money.

“This component adds another financial hardship on people who don’t have a lot of money,” Aubry said.

Aubry, chairman of the Assembly Corrections Committee, added that the plan could “create another class of individual who can’t escape the process and has to go back out and sell drugs.”

Said Megna, “It is not our intent to burden certain portions of the population.”

Wrong response, Megna. You should have asked this asshole Aubry how many of his Queens County constituents would be cool with the idea that he wants to be the champion of drug dealers’ “rights.”

Dude? I could run a dead dog against you and win if this is the way you roll.

Eurabia: Dutch Dhimmitude

Lent fast re-branded as ‘Christian Ramadan’ – Telegraph

Dutch Catholics have re-branded the Lent fast as the “Christian Ramadan” in an attempt to appeal to young people who are more likely to know about Islam than Christianity.

The Catholic charity Vastenaktie, which collects for the Third World across the Netherlands during the Lent period, is concerned that the Christian festival has become less important for the Dutch over the last generation.

“The image of the Catholic Lent must be polished. The fact that we use a Muslim term is related to the fact that Ramadan is a better-known concept among young people than Lent,” said Vastenaktie Director, Martin Van der Kuil. [emphasis mine ]

And whose fault is that, skippy? According to the article, four million of your fellow Dutchies (roughly 25% of your total population) self-identify as Roman Catholic (by far the highest percentage of citizens identifying with any religion), with 400K attending Mass weekly. Yet you need to redefine a tenet of your faith–among a populace with a near 100% literacy level–through an Islamic prism because you haven’t managed to teach these non-dumbassed kids what is means to be Roman Catholic?

Is that your honest reasoning here, Marty? I don’t buy it. I also don’t think Pope Benny16 is gonna be too happy when he gets wind of this.

Jesus is friggin’ weeping thinking he died for boobs like you.

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