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Eurabia: Just Call It “A Lost Cause”

Bastard PC English wankers.
The Surrendermonkeys are on both sides of the Chunnel:
Britain kow tows to the ChiComs

It seems the British can’t find enough people to surrender to fast enough. It’s just been in the past few weeks that British education has surrendered to madrassahs, the government sneakily allowed multiple marriage welfare benefits, and the Archbishop of Canterbury said that the UK might as well get on with allowing sharia to sit alongside British law.

Now, the British Olympic Association has laid down speech rules for its athletes that will be competing in the Beijing Olympics this summer. They’re muzzled from speaking about China’s human rights abuses.

Fail, Brittania!
Your navy are now dweebs.
And now you go
and yoke your folks;
the conquest
is complete!

And don’t forget, Canuckistan is going down the same PC drain.

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