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Archive for "Feb 03 2008"

Johnny Unitas Wants a Word With You, involving Jamming his Foot in your Boston Globe Ass

Is Brady the best quarterback who ever played?.

Comparing quarterbacks from different eras is an inexact science. Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers won their four titles in the 1970s, Montana and the San Francisco 49ers in the ’80s. Since then, the NFL has added expansion teams, gone to free agency, adopted a salary cap and changed its scheduling to promote parity. Its players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever.

What Brady, Montana and Bradshaw have in common are the champion’s intangibles: leadership, competitiveness, calm, heart, toughness and unshakable optimism.

Forget the Super Bowl. Remember when. Johnnie U. is the greatest. And I am counting Broadway Joe.

Short answer: NO. Super Bowl specific? Again, a big “NAY.”

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The Lip: Knicks are just Giant losers

I usually have to swallow a sizable grain of salt when digesting Lupica, but here, he’s smooth like butta beating on Zeke:

The Giants give their fans this run to the Super Bowl. The Yankees, despite all their first-round losses, are in the playoffs every year and are the greatest attraction, attendance-wise, in baseball history. The Jets, as bad as they were this season, were the New York team in the playoffs against the Patriots just under 13 months ago. The Nets, despite the way they have fallen, made two NBA finals not so terribly long ago.

And the Mets, even with that amazing, embarrassing collapse last September, were a couple of swings of the bat away from the World Series in October of 2006.

The Knicks will never make this sort of run with Thomas in charge of the team. For years, he has tried to sell the notion – in this novel about the Knicks that exists only in his own mind – that it takes 10 years to really get a franchise like the one he inherited turned around. Really? Then how does he explain what the team that beat his team in overtime Friday night – the Trail Blazers – is doing this season, even without Greg Oden?

A friend of mine named Doug Warshaw, who used to work for ESPN Classic and who says his brightest work used to be on shows about the old NBA, said on Friday night, “The best thing about sports teams is that they can make so many of your childhood memories. And these Knicks create none. Other than ‘Fire Isiah,’ of course.”

When you think about it, it’s hilarious. Detroit, where Isiah made his name, would burn the rest of their city down if the Pistons even thought out loud about bringing him back. Here in NYC, we have an owner who–for some unknown reason–thinks he’s some kinda friggin’ genius.

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